Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or 'SEO', is the developing of a website to make certain that it is search engine friendly and is achieving the rankings that the site deserves.

Basically - we follow a proven, straightforward search engine optimization methodology. We only use techniques that are ethical and acceptable for the search engines. We understand what it takes to optimize your site in order to submit your site successfully to the most prominent search engines, which means that your website will achieve those 'natural' or 'organic' search results you want.

There are many 'tricks' or 'black-hat' techniques that other website consultants use to get top placement, such as keyword stuffing and invisible text. We do not use any of these as there is a good possibility that your site would be banned from search engine results pages. We use only proper techniques as well as our expertise when optimizing your site.

Search engine optimization consultants can not guarantee results of your website rankings because search engines are continually changing their algorithms.

We have a proven SEO track record and we do our very best to get your site listed on the top of the search engine results page (SERPs).

If you hire us to better your search engine rankings:

  • We will run a search engine optimization report (before we start any work on your site) to see where your site is ranked.
  • After the optimization is complete, we will run the same report 2 months later.
  • If your site has not improved in the rankings, we will continue to work on your site until the rankings do improve - on our dime of course!



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